Sunday, May 17

Where will the West find leaders with the moral clarity to defeat ISIS?

A few Americans are watching the atrocities committed by the killers calling themselves ISIS or Boko Haram and wondering, where will the West find leaders who will end this threat?

Frankly, if you're looking for moral clarity or a strength of character from the so-called leaders of the West today, you're probably going to be disappointed.  Not only the so-called "leaders" of the west but also our self-styled elites are completely anti-warrior, anti-military.  Instead they seem to believe that a magical combination of technology, liberalism and legalism can turn murderous thugs into peaceful neighbors.

We still do have a warrior class, of course.  But the politicians who rule them have them fighting for feminism, gay marriage and the insane notion that all cultures and religions are absolutely equal.  Very few warriors seem motivated by any of these--let alone strongly.  Rather, Western politicians and elites seem to systematically eliminate or undermine anything that would motivate our troops.  The philosophy of the pols seems to be "it's okay if you win, as long as you don't hurt anybody."

By huge contrast, Islam seems to have no problem motivating its followers to fight.  In a long, non-nuclear struggle, which group seems more likely to win?

If you have kids, you should probably be concerned.


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