Saturday, May 16

The sad story of a five-year-old murder victim

Laylah Peterson was five years old when she was killed--shot to death as she sat on her grandfather's lap.  She lived in Milwaukee and was killed in a fusilade of a dozen gunshots.  At the age of...five.

Oh, and the killing was interracial.  Yep, white and black.  And given the way the media shrieked endlessly about poor Trayvon being shot by the "white Hispanic" guy, you'd think Laylah's murder would have generated a few thousand headlines at the least.

What's that?  You say you haven't heard a word about this? happened way back last November, so it's not like the Lying Media hasn't had time to gather all the details and write careful, factual stories on this tragic death.  So what in the world could account for the media's vastly different treatment of the two victims?

Oh, that's it:  Po' Tray was shot by a white cop, so...  Wait, that's bullshit.

Okay, you'd think that with Tray being a 16-year-old wannabe gangsta who'd posted selfies of himself brandishing a handgun and talkin shit, and if his death generated thousands of front-pages stories, and outraged top-story-tonight broadcasts, you'd think this far younger, truly innocent 5-year-old--who wasn't pounding Zimmerman's head into the sidewalk but was sitting on her grandfather's lap in her own f'n home--would be a much more sympathetic figure, and thus would get two or three times the coverage Travon got. 

And remember, this story also involves interracial killing, just like Travon.

But unless you lived in Milwaukee not one of you has heard even a single word about little Laylah's shooting.

Are you even a little curious as to why the national media--the outfit you count on to tell you what's "really" happening in the U.S.--decided to ignore this story?  What in the world would make ALL of them ignore this?


And the shooters were two black males, who walked up to the front door and opened fire.

This murder doesn't support The Narrative, see?  In fact, the local reports were quick to note that because there didn't seem to be any connection between the killers and the people in the house, it was probably just An Isolated Occurrence of No Significance Whatsoever.

RIP, Laylah.  We will remember your senseless murder.


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