Wednesday, April 22

Hillary motorcade clocked at 92 mph in New Hampshire; U.S.mainstream media dead silent

If you're a liberal Democrat mom the chances are about 20 to 1 that you love the idea of a woman president.

Well, maybe not a conservative woman, but no matter.

So you love Hillary.  Oh, you may have heard stories that her foundation accepted hundreds of millions of dollars in donations from foreign governments and wealthy foreign businessmen while she was secretary of state for our brilliant emperor, but you're pretty sure those are malicious tales concocted by the white-male-owned mainstream media.  And even if they were true, there's not a whit of evidence that any donor of those hundreds of millions ever got a single rule bent or ignored by the U.S. government because the secstate exerted pressure on their behalf, right?

Okay, you may--may--be just the tiniest bit uneasy about the notion that a secretary of state would accept donations from foreigners--in the hundreds of millions--to her personally-run foundation while she was serving in that position, but you tell yourself it's not that big a deal.  Of course if the NY Times found a conservative white male doing the same thing you'd probably join in the shrieks of condemnation.  But Hillary?  No.  Cuz you trust her.  She's female, a mom, a grandmother.  She's Just Like You.  You're honest and try to obey all the rules, so she must be honest and obey rules too.

And then there was that odd story about--gosh, it's hard to remember now.  Something about her emails--using a private email account to conduct government business.  You were puzzled as to why anyone would be upset about such a trivial issue.  I mean, email is email, right?  What possible difference could it make which internet provider one uses?  So you dismissed the story: it was probably just a smear campaign made up by rich white males.  A political dirty trick.  Cuz you know they'd do anything to keep her from winning, right?  They're nasty that way.

Okay, here's something far less critical, but it tells you who Hillary is and how she thinks:  Two days ago when her motorcade was darting between engagements in New Hampshire, her van was clocked at 92 mph.  In the rain.

Of course you won't see a word of that in the U.S. media.  (It's from the U.K.'s "Daily Mail.")

Now, obviously Hilly wasn't behind the wheel, but she could hardly have failed to notice that they were flying by all the "little people's" cars like they were standing still.  What does it say about her reckless disregard of rules--and about her judgment, which we'd like to have in a president--that she didn't tell her driver "I appreciate your trying to get me to the next gig on time but how about if we dial it back to just ten over the limit"?

Okay, okay, I know:  Rules are for "little people."  People like us.  Elites like Hillary don't have to obey rules that we'd get fined or jailed for breaking.  In fact they're above ALL rules.

Think about that when you pull that lever for Hillary.  And think about how angry you'd be if the same story involved a white male instead of Hillary.

Can you say "double standard"?

Wait, I thought liberal women absolutely hated double-standards.  Haven't y'all been complaining about double standards for years?  Lines like "A male exec is 'assertive' while the same behavior from a female is called 'bitchy,' and so on?

Good to know that some double-standards are fine with you, thanks.


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