Friday, April 10

ISIS thugs stone gay to death. U.S. media ignore, prefer to continue blasting Indiana pizza parlor

The brutal terrorist murderers of Islamic State (ISIS) have stoned to death a man they accused of being gay.

The victim was led into a field in Homs, Syria--blindfolded, with his hands tied behind his back--and more than a dozen men hurled rocks at him from just a few meters away.

Now the first Obama/lib position:  "This didn't happen.  It's a hoax, a lie spread by fundamentalist Christians to embarrass our administration.  After all, you didn't see this on MSNBC or ABC or NBC or CBS, right?  It didn't appear in the Times.  So, see?"

Rebuttal to first lib position:  ISIS itself released photos of the stoning, on social media, and described both the charges and the execution.  Do you claim either that ISIS is lying about the event, or that the photos and text on social media are fabrications?

First Obama/lib fallback position:  "Christians are no better than ISIS, because the Crusades.  Because of the Crusades, Christians have no right to judge other religions or label them as barbaric.  Besides, all religions are equally valid."

Rebuttal to first lib fallback position:  "If you claim no difference between them and us, under what moral or ethical theory did you order the U.S. Air Force to fly bombing missions into Libya to help overthrow Khadafi?  Or are you claiming you and you alone are qualified to judge good and evil?

Second Obama/lib fallback position:  "ISIS is not Islamic, and does not represent the beliefs of true Islam."

Rebuttal to second lib fallback:  "We understand that YOU claim that ISIS is not Islamic, but *they* seem to think they are, as do tens of thousands of supporters around the globe.  They have stated they want to re-establish "the caliphate," a long-time goal of Islam.  They stone or behead anyone who does anything prohibited by Islamic doctrine.  They hate democracy, which is a position consistent with Islam.  Do you have any evidence to support your assertion that there's a substantive difference between ISIS and Islamic doctrine?"

Third Obama/lib fallback position: "You people are obviously just haters who hate people of color.  You're just like those neanderthals at that pizza place in Indiana who said they wouldn't cater a gay wedding!"

Rebuttal to third fallback:  "So you're claiming refusing to cater a gay wedding--with pizza--is comparable to ISIS thugs stoning a gay guy to death?"

Fourth Obama/lib fallback:  "You're obviously too dense to understand nuance and logic and science.  You probably don't even believe humans are causing the planet to heat up so much that life itself is endangered!  Now get out of our way, we have to fly to Switzerland for more negotiations."


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