Friday, April 3

"Deal reached with Iran!" Uh...well...more like a framework. But it's great, trust us!

So, the emperor took to the Rose Garden to tout his great accomplishment: a deal with Iran that will absolutely, positively keep them from getting an atomic bomb.



Well, maybe "a deal" is a bit of a stretch:  It's "a framework."  The emperor says the actual deal is supposed to be finalized at the end of June.  Maybe not actually, y'know, signed, but it will absolutely, positively keep them from...

Wait.  What, exactly, did Iran agree to?  Watch and listen as Iran's foreign minister explains Iran's version of "the agreement" and see if you think he and Bullshit Barry are talking about the same negotiation.

As the Iranian tells it, Iran's program will continue full speed ahead, and in return the U.S. and U.N. will remove all the remaining economic sanctions.

Magnificent!  "Peace for our time."

It'll be interesting to see if any of the Lying Media address the Iranian FM's accusation that the U.S. is lying about the content of the "framework"

It'll also be interesting to watch how the Lying Media reacts to such transparent bullshit from Bullshit Barry.  Does anyone doubt that they'll enthusiastically support this allegedly "grand achievement" by their beloved?

And sure enough, someone has assembled a long video of every talking head on MSPMS and CNN saying exactly the same thing: "This is a historic agreement..."  And many of 'em are smiling and excited, apparently believing the propaganda they're spouting--believing that regardless of the denials by Iran's foreign minister, Bullshit Barry has managed to make a deal that will keep Iran from building atomic bombs. 

You really need to see this, as it clearly shows how utterly stupid and in the tank for Bullshit Barry most of the Lying Media is.  It's truly eye-opening.

These are the people who believed Neville Chamberlain when he claimed, on his return from giving the Sudetenland to Hitler, that he had managed to achieve "peace for our time." 

It's hard to say whether they are ignorant of history, or refuse to learn from it, or perhaps want Iran to get the Bomb to speed the arrival of total Islamic domination of the world.

Watch Christiane Amanpour's face during her clip and see if you get the same impression of her feelings about the supposed "historic agreement" as I did.


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