Wednesday, April 8

Guy gets heart transplant, "second chance" at life. Results mixed...

Wanna see example number 284,954 of how the Lying Media primes members of the perpetually-aggrieved class to riot when some thug reaches room temperature because he shot someone, stole a car, robbed a bank or otherwise made a poor life choice?  Here's how the Associated Press--thoroughly liberal/Democrat--reported the death of one Anthony Stokes, age 17. 
Teen who got heart transplant dies in crash during chase
   Troubled Teen Dies in Police Chase after Receiving Heart Transplant  
Wow, poor kid was being chased by the cops and crashed.  And he was "troubled" to boot!  That's awful--pretty much the same deal as the "gentle giant" in Ferguson, eh?
ATLANTA (AP) — An Atlanta area teenager who said a heart transplant two years ago gave him a second chance at life died this week when he lost control of the car he was driving while fleeing police....
And would ya look at that: because the cops were chasin' this "troubled teen," they took away the guy's "second chance at life" after he got a heart transplant.  Tha's cold, man.
Anthony Tremayne Stokes, 17, died Tuesday when the car he was driving hit a bank sign.... An officer noticed the car fit the description of a vehicle involved in a home invasion a short time earlier. The officer tried to pull the car over but the driver refused to stop, the report said.

The car had also been reported stolen in a carjacking in nearby Dunwoody earlier Tuesday, the report says.

In August 2013 local news media quoted Stokes' family as saying that doctors at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta...refused to put Stokes on a transplant waiting list because of his troubled past and their belief he wouldn't comply with the strict plan for medication and follow-up treatment.

Stokes needed a new heart because he suffered from dilated cardiomyopathy. The news media reports at the time quoted the mother as saying that her son would likely die within months without a new heart.

The hospital...quickly reversed course and agreed to put him on the list [to get a heart transplant]. He received a new heart in August of 2013.

Later Stokes told a reporter the transplant would help him stay out of trouble.  "So I can live a second chance. Get a second chance and do things I want to do," he said.

Roswell police said they believe Stokes is the person wearing a mask who forced open the carport door of a home Tuesday afternoon and left once he realized an 81-year-old woman who lived there was home. Police believe he was fleeing that house when the chase began.
That's the substantive end of the AP piece--at least as posted on the net by Yahoo.  But you'll be totally surprised to learn that the AP left out a couple of things.

The thug didn't just "force open the carport door of a home" and leave once he realized the 81-year-old occupant was at home.  Instead he fired two shots at her.  But surely he didn't mean any harm by shooting at her.  Probably just a way of saying "Oh, excuse me, I seem to have mistaken this house for that of one of my friends.  So sorry!"

So, obviously all just a communication problem.

And the mask the guy was wearing probably made communication harder.  Poor guy probably just had really bad allergies or somethin'.

So it's clear that the police were overreacting, because why would anyone chase a troubled youth over a simple carjacking and mistaking one house for another?  And see, if they hadn't chased the poor troubled youth he never would have run the stolen car into a bank sign.

Sure glad taxpayers paid for the dude to get a heart transplant, so he could "do the things I want to do."


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