Wednesday, April 8

The future can easily be predicted, part 904,505

The future is easy to predict, at least in broad terms.  For example, World War 2 was absolutely certain to happen, given Hitler's determination to grab all possible land.  While one couldn't know exactly when and where the first shot would be fired, the ultimate result was still certain.

Here's a more recent example:

Those of you who don't follow politics closely may not know that a few years ago "immigration activists" tried to get a bill passed that would let every illegal immigrant in the U.S. who'd been brought into the U.S. by their parents to stay here forever, and eventually to become citizens.  The propaganda team named this the "Dream Act" (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors--preciously cute, eh?).

Of course most members of congress knew voting for this bill would likely get them voted out of office, and it failed to pass. 

But of course in the reign of emperor Obama, if the emperor wants to do something he merely decrees it, regardless of whether the act is lawful.  So he simply ordered that the federal government enact the main provisions of the bill that congress had voted down.  This decree was given the wonderfully opaque acronym "DACA"--"deferred action for childhood arrivals."

But there's more:  He also ordered that parents of kids who were in the U.S. illegally, but qualified  under the provisions of his first order, could also stay in the U.S. indefinitely.  This decree was given the wonderfully Orwellian name "DAPA"--"deferred action for parents of...Americans."

Who could argue with that, right?  Of course the "Americans" referred to in the title weren't actually Americans, but would be decreed so if the first order--"DACA"--was allowed to proceed.  Got it?

It is good to be emperor, yes?

Amazingly, a few curmudgeons had the crazy notion that these two decrees were unconstitutional, as well as violating existing law.  Accordingly, 26 the states sued the federal government, asking the courts to rule the emperor's unilateral decree illegal.  The suit also asked the court to order the emperor not to give illegals legal status until the outcome of the lawsuit was decided.

Again amazingly, about two months ago a federal judge in Texas granted this injunction.  The terms were quite clear:  the emperor and his hirelings were ordered not to give illegals legal status until...well, you read it above.

Of course the emperor complied with the court's order.

Hahahahahaha!  Just kidding!  Obama comply with a court order?  What a joke.  If the emperor has no qualms about violating the Constitution, why would he obey a mere court order?  C'mon, laws are for little people, not for emperors.

So after attorneys for the laughingly mis-named "Justice" department got the order and agreed to comply, word reached the judge that after the injunction was issued, the emperor's agents had  granted legal status and work permits to 108,000 illegals, in defiance of the injunction.

Interesting.  If you or I violated a court order we'd get thrown in jail.  But laws are for peons, get it.

Amazingly, after admitting the act noted above, the "Justice" department had the stones to ask the judge to lift his injunction, allowing the government to keep legalizing illegals in accord with Obama's decree. 

The judge declined the request. 

The White Hut didn't release any comment on the judge's latest order.

The "Justice" department has already filed an appeal with a higher court--the 5th Circuit--asking that court to lift the lower court's injunction.  That hearing is scheduled for April 17.
The first of Obama's orders -- to block deportation of illegals who were brought to the U.S. as children -- had been set to take effect Feb. 18.

The judge issued his injunction before Feb.18.  A month later the Justice Department admitted that after the judge's injunctive order, the administration had given three-year reprieves from deportation--and work permits--to more than 108,000 illegals.

DOJ attorneys insisted those actions were made under 2012 guidelines that weren't blocked by the injunction.  It apologized for any confusion.

So, citizens:  Can anyone predict the next move?  Sure you can.  The word will quietly go out to federal agents to keep on doing what the emperor wants to do, injunction be damned.  There will be endless "confusion" and "misunderstandings."  Letters from Washington ordering field agents to comply with the injunction will somehow be lost in the mail, or misrouted.  And the number of illegals "legalized" by imperial decree--in defiance of the court order--will continue to climb.

Why will this happen?  Because Obozo knows these actions are virtually impossible to undo.  Oh, it's theoretically possible, but it would take lots of effort and would put a lot of heat on congressional Republicans--who have repeatedly shown no willingness to fight the emperor.

Cuz if you do, you get indicted (Bob Menendez) or investigated, or audited, or smeared about some stupid decision back when you were in college.

Meanwhile the Obama Express rolls on.  And on.


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