Friday, April 3

"Militants" not known to be affiliated with any group kill 147 people at Kenyan college. Obama shrugs.

From the Associated Press:
ilitants who slaughtered 147 people in a Kenyan school appeared to have planned extensively, even targeting a site where Christians had gone to pray, a survivor said Friday.

One of the first things the assailants did, according to a survivor, was to head for a lecture hall where Christians were in early morning prayer.

The gunmen told students hiding in dormitories to come out, assuring them that they would not be killed.  Many students did, and the gunmen promptly started shooting them.

The masked attackers -- strapped with explosives and armed with AK-47s -- singled out non-Muslim students at Garissa University College and then gunned them down without mercy, survivors said. The gunmen took dozens of hostages in a dormitory as they battled troops and police before the operation ended after about 13 hours, witnesses said.
Supposedly, the world considers genocide a horrible thing.  Unless it's against Christians, committed by Muslims.  Then it's a minor event having no connection to anything.  Merely "workplace violence."

Yeah, dat's it.


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