Friday, April 3

Fed judge rules taxpayers must pay for inmate's sex-change operation

A federal judge in San Francisco has ordered California taxpayers to pay for "sexual reassignment surgery" for a transgender inmate.  U.S. District Court Judge Jon Tigar ruled that denying sex reassignment surgery to the wannabe-female violates the inmate's constitutional rights.

You knew it was coming, right?  With California facing massive deficits, let's definitely spend taxpayer money to provide murderers with sex-change operations.  Cuz to deny the inmate that benefit would "violate the inmate's constitutional rights," right?

What's that?  You say no one is denying the inmate the right to the operation, but you don't want taxpayers to be forced to pay for it?  You say a sex change isn't a necessary, life-saving operation, and that taxpayers shouldn't be billed for wish-list items by murderers?

You're just a nasty ol' h8r!  This person has the right to force you to pay for their wish-list op.  It's right there in the Constitution!  At least that's what a fedrul judge in San Francisco "ruled."  And that means that's now the law, right?  Gosh, do keep up, you dumb wingnuts.

Prediction:  The Cali department of corrections will make a perfunctory appeal, which will be denied.  With the law now settled by Tygar's ruling, one or two welfare recipients will ask the state to pay for their sex-change operations, citing the ruling and the provisions of Obamacare.  State officials will shrug and agree, since it's not their money and none of 'em wants to be labeled as hostile to the transgender community.

Insane times.


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