Friday, April 3

Number of jobs created last month just a tiny bit below the official forecast

Did you know the U.S. economy is booming? 

No?  Haven't you been paying attention to the "news," citizen?  Every single organ of the mainstream media has been saying it's booming.  And they should know...because they're Democrats.  And their contacts inside the emperor's regime tell them it's booming. need to get with the program.

So when the government's experts at the Labor Department forecast that "the economy" would add 245,000 jobs in March, all the U.S. media cheered and passed along the good news.  Cuz, you know, booming economy and all.

Now the March report is in, and guess what?  Unexpectedly, the job creation fell just a tiny bit short of the official forecast.  But only a little.  So the economy is still booming.


Trust us.

What?  You want to know the actual figure?  Why would you need that, citizen?  Are you one of those anti-government Tea Party types?  Admit it--the only reason you're asking for the figure is because you're really a raaacist!  You need to...oh, I'm sorry.  No need to get upset, citizen!  Put the gun away.  Here's the figure you want.  And if you need anything else we'd be glad to help you!

The number of jobs actually created last month was...126,000.

See, we told you it was just a tiny bit short of our official forecast. 

What, you wanna quibble that "half" is a lot more than "a tiny bit"?  Well that's your right as a member of the wacko, wing-nut right wing brigade.

And in other news today:  The economy is booming!


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