Sunday, February 15

Two unarmed Danish civilians killed by machinegun-toting Muzz in Copenhagen

Yesterday the world saw yet another instance of a Muslim shooting unarmed civilians in cold blood.  This time it happened in lovely, civilized Copenhagen, Denmark.  The murderous fuck walked up to a cafe that was hosting a conference on free speech, attended by cartoonist Lars Vilks, who was the target of insane islamic anger after publishing a cartoon supposedly of mohammed eight years ago.

The gunman fired over 30 rounds from a military machinegun through the doors before going inside and killing a film maker and wounding two police officers.  He then ran outside, carjacked a driver and fled.

His next stop was a Jewish synagogue that was holding a bat mitzvah.  The gunman fatally shot a man guarding the entrance.

The gunman was later fatally shot by police.

Police were *very* tight-lipped about the shooter but later announced that he was on a terrorist watch list.

Let's see if we can possibly crack the mystery:  Nutter targets a conference on free speech--which Muslims are on record as hating, except when they say hateful things about Jews and Americans, in which case they'll scream that you must allow their free speech.  He then goes to a synagogue and shoots a man guarding the door.  Nah, no pattern here.

In looking for information about this attack I also ran across a video of another attack on Vilks in Sweden in 2010.  No fatalities in that one, but you really should watch it because it will show you how insane the Muslims in Sweden are.  Vilks was showing a film lampooning Islam when one of the 40 or so Muslims in the audience screamed "Stop the film!" as other Muslims rushed the dais and began punching Vilks.

Police quickly grabbed the attackers but the crowd was in a frenzy.  Subtitles show the crowd yelling things like "If you'd done as we demanded, none of this would have happened!"

Think about the implications of that for a minute.  "If you just stopped letting women drive," or "If you just stopped letting women show their face and hair or ankles," or "If you just stopped allowing bars and restaurants to stop selling alcohol or pork," or "If you would just get rid of all your dogs (Muzz consider dogs unclean) none of this would have happened."

Sadly, Sweden is a lost cause--the country's politicians are firmly wedded to the notion of letting any Muzz into the country who wants to come--sort of like our emperor and his advisors.  The Swedish pols then make Muzz immigration irresistable by offering the immigrants free housing and generous cash allowances.

But at least Swedish pols are following their own laws, while emperor Obama has done them one better, ordering his government to let illegal immigrants stay here and receive cash payments even though the law forbids it.  But don't worry, citizen:  The problems in Sweden and Denmark and France and Germany and Belgium can't possibly happen here, because Obama!

He assured you Islam was "the religion of peace," and that "The future must not belong to those who insult the prophet of Islam."  And of course he's never lied to you before, right?


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