Saturday, February 14

Another brilliant negotiating tactic from the emperor

I've posted several pieces on how the ghastly, narcissistic, Muslim-loving, America-hating, anti-Christian emperor has been frantically scrambling to get "a deal" with Iran--no matter how awful for the U.S. and the west.  The basic offer from Obama is to give them everything they want--removal of the few economic sanctions he hasn't already unilaterally lifted--in exchange for an illusory, unverifiable promise from the rag-heads not to develop nuclear weapons.

Boy, that's some really shrewd negotiating skills, eh?  That Obama fellow really knows how to negotiate!

Horse shit, of course.  He just wants a deal so he can point to himself and crow--loudly--"Look, I got the Iranians to actually promise they won't build the bomb!  No one else could have managed this, and now we'll have peace.  Because I did it.  And as has been made clear many times, I'm the smartest president in history!"

"See, there's their signature, right on that line there!  So, no one has to worry any more!  Yay me!"

And the Lying Media will swoon and fellate him yet again.  And the Iranians will wait until a few months into the next administration before revealing that they have the Bomb.  At which point no one will remember that the emperor promised that this wouldn't happen--because of his superlative negotiating skills.

To that end, according to Reuters and AFP, last October Barky sweetened the offer even more:  He sent a secret letter to Iran's "Supreme Leader" Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, offering to help Iran fight ISIS.

But wait--hasn't Obama has repeatedly assured us that ISIS is "a JV team" that does NOT directly threaten the U.S.  So why offer to help Iran fight an enemy that Iran has a huge vested in fighting for its own purposes?

Oh, that's right:  To enable Barky to make a deal.

A far cannier strategy would have been to wait and watch as ISIS gets closer to Iran, and watch the mullahs start to sweat.  ISIS pressuring the mullahs would do a world of good.  We shouldn't intervene to prevent that from happening.


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