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Emperor's advisors going nuts after congress invites Israeli PM to speak without asking emperor's permission

It's been a standing joke among political bloggers for a decade or so that the U.S. has two political parties:  The Stupid Party and the Destroy America Party.  For those new to the game the Stupid Party is the Republicans, always out-maneuvered by the canny, cunning Dems and their media allies.

But sometimes even incompetents can get lucky.  And maybe...just maybe...the Stupid Party got lucky, in Boehner inviting Israel's prime minister to address both houses of congress, without asking the emperor for permission first.

Word is that Team Obama is absolutely furious about what it sees as an insult to the emperor's power, in inviting a foreign head of state to address congress.  This has triggered two responses from the White Hut so far: it asked members of the congressional black caucus to boycott the speech, and several have agreed not to attend.  And Team Obozo directed VP Biden not to attend.  Cuz the veep normally has a seat right behind the speaker's podium, and if Biden was there it would invite people to compare that with the emperor's absence.

So why should this be of interest?  After all, Netanyahu could say anything he needed to say by penning an op-ed in the WSJ.

My take is that Obama views this as a huge personal insult.  Now, almost all of us have to cope with personal affronts several times a week, so we don't see this as any big deal.  But for his whole life Obama has gotten his way, so it's likely he sees this as a far greater irritant than the rest of us would.

Example:  How many editors of the Law Review didn't manage to publish a single article?  With any other candidate that would have raised a big flag, but in this case everyone just smiled.

No one remembers him at Columbia.  With any other candidate...

The reason he didn't release his original, long-form birth certificate wasn't just to generate controversy.  Instead there was something about it that he didn't want you to know.  (The betting is that he was born with a different name and that the change to Barack Obama was never official.)  With such high stakes--the presidency--most people wouldn't even have imagined trying to bluff the thing through.  But with massive help from the media and the Democrat party he was able to get this massive defect to vanish.

Keeping your college records sealed would have sunk any other candidate.  But with massive help from the media and the Dems, this too vanished.

His passport records should have shown travel to Pakistan at a time when that was prohibited to Americans.  Those records mysteriously vanished.

A Selective Service registration card, filled out with Obama's name and provided by the Selective Service itself under a FOIA request, is an obvious forgery.  And everyone just smiled.

The guy has always gotten away with everything.  He's never been called to account for a single failure or fraud or discrepancy--and he knows it.  Long before now--decades ago--he almost certainly decided--with no small amount of justification--that he was The Chosen One.

Now, for the first time, he's been dissed.  In a very public way.  And not by some nobody-blogger, but by the guy who's constitutionally next in line after the vice-president if something goes down.

This has to have made the emperor absolutely furious.  Like, way more than most of us can imagine.

And unless he can put enough pressure on Boehner to get the speaker to cancel the invitation, it's gonna get worse when Netanyahu actually arrives in the U.S.  Cuz either the prime minister will come and go without saying boo to Obama--what an insult!--or Team Obama will invite him to meet the emperor, which will underscore Boehner's jab at the emperor in inviting a foreign head of state without asking permission first.

This dilemma (lose either way) must be giving Team Obama absolute fits!

The best solution for the emperor would be to invite the prime minister to the White Hut before he addresses congress.  In that event Team Obama could steal the spotlight to a great extent, releasing pics of the two sitting together in the WH.  Americans would be expected to infer that the emperor and the prime minister have a fine, close relationship, when nothing could be further from the truth.  But great damage control.

Of course the nightmare for Team Obama would be if Bibi declined the invitation.  OMG!  Ultimate dis!  But Netanyahu surely wouldn't do that because the Dem media would rip him to shreds and he needs America's support.  Still, a fun thought.

Most people not in the Democrat camp have concluded that the Repubs won't stop Obama from doing anything he wants, no matter how blatantly unconstitutional.  Reason is they're all scared to be called raaacists.  So basically the country was at Obama's mercy:  If he wanted to declare amnesty, or have the government take over the internet, or seize your retirement account, or take over the health care system, or give billions in tax refunds (EITC) to illegals, or one would stop him.

But finally there's a ray of hope:

Ever heard of a "preference cascade"?  It's when a few people decide the Fabulous Thing they've been backing for years is really a sham--a joke, a farce, a fraud.  Then when they talk to others about their realization and decision, a few in that audience who have come to the same conclusions but haven't jumped ship decide to join the switch.  Then they start talking, and the same thing happens to others.

The loss of support for the previous Fabulous Thing happens slowly at first, but then momentum builds.  Once it starts, vast numbers of "regular" folks who had a vague feeling something was amiss about the Fabulous Thing realize it's now okay to say so publicly.  And then to join the switch away from supporting the previously unquestionable Fabulous Thing.

Because of the very public, impossible-to-conceal nature of the innocuous invitation by the otherwise inept Boehner to the PM of Israel to address congress, the Lying Media can't totally suppress this story.  Netanyahu's acceptance may well be the first time in Obama's life that anyone has bucked his wishes.  There's just a chance this may start the preference cascade.

UPDATE:  Here's the Washington Post just 40 minutes ago:
When John Boehner announced that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu had accepted his invitation to address Congress, the Obama Administration reacted strongly. The criticism was not directed primarily at Boehner, who apparently did not inform the White House of the invitation, and may have acted unconstitutionally in delivering it, but against Netanyahu, for breaching diplomatic protocol by accepting the invitation without first notifying the White House.

For example, AP reported that White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest “says typical protocol is that a country’s leader would contact the White House before planning to visit the United States. But Earnest says they didn’t hear about Boehner’s invitation until Wednesday morning, shortly before the speaker announced it publicly.”

Even friends of Israel, like the Post’s Richard Cohen, were appalled.   Cohen excoriated  Netanyahu for accepting the Boehner’s invitation “without informing the White House,” a sign of Netanyahu’s “impetuousness and contempt” for President Obama.

And that’s the way the story played out in the media, here and in Israel, until the New York Times appended the following correction a few days ago to a January 30 story on the controversy:  “An earlier version of this article misstated when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel accepted Speaker John A. Boehner’s invitation to address Congress. He accepted after the administration had been informed of the invitation, not before.”

This correction has circulated in conservative and pro-Israel circles but doesn’t seem to have led to any followup or any investigations by those who initially reported the opposite. [Italics are mine]  If the correction is correct, then we have a situation in which the administration was so grossly incompetent that it was circulating false information about Netanyahu from multiple spokespeople, or that it intentionally sought to undermine Netanyahu by lying about his alleged “breach of protocol.” It’s also possible that the administration strongly objected when it was told of the invitation, but Netanyahu accepted anyway, but there has been no indication from the White House that this is the case.
Wow.  If this is any indication, Netanyahu's visit--and the implied snub of the emperor--will be tough for the rest of the lying media to ignore.


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