Monday, February 9

More evidence that human-caused global warming is a deliberate hoax

For some years now I've posted evidence that the claim that humans are warming the planet by dangerous amounts--by burning fossil fuels and raising millions of head of cattle for meat--is horseshit.  Now more evidence has come to light.

To understand this you need to know that NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (Giss), the U.S. government's Global Historical Climate Network and other U.S. and U.K gummint agencies have faked the temperature record for decades.

Of course they have a plausible-sounding term for faking:  they call it "adjustments" to the temperature record.

You may well wonder why the real, honest, measured temperature at any location would need any "adjustments."  After all, isn't the measured value the actual, y'know, record?

Glad you asked.  About a decade ago a bunch of other folks--mostly statistics and computer experts--asked the same question. 

NASA and the gubmint replied "It's all done by computers.  You wouldn't understand."

The questioners said, in essence "You'd be surprised how much we know about computers and statistical methods.  So stop dodging and answer the fucking question."

Rather than agree to show their data, NASA and the governments of the U.S. and U.K. (which was doing exactly the same thing) now claimed that the skeptics weren't legally entitled to see the original data, nor the alleged computer algorithm used to make the mysterious, never-explained, all-important "adjustments."

The skeptics responded with a volley of FOIA suits saying, in essence, "As you arrogant, lying assholes are well aware, you gathered and massaged this data using taxpayer funds, so you don't own it.  The people do.  So quit dodging and show us the data and the algorithm."

Several judges agreed, and ordered their governments to release the original data.  Whereupon a stunning thing happened:  Just days before the deadline to turn over the data, the main research agency at the U.K. had one of those mysterious computer glitches and...well you'll never believe this but ALL the original temperature data was mysteriously erased.

Even more stunning, the government agency claimed no one had ever thought to make a back-up copy of this vital, irreplaceable data. 

If this strikes you as utter horseshit, congratulations. 

The reason the temperature data is essentially irreplaceable is because poor countries didn't bother putting decades-old records of stuff like local temperatures on computer.  So the U.S. and UK governments bought all the paper records they could find and put 'em on computer. 

And then destroyed the original records.

But some of the original records remained in the home countries.  And a humble blogger, Paul Homewood, did the unthinkable:  He checked records in one of those countries against NASA's "adjusted" numbers.

And would you believe...all the adjustments were UP.  Yeah, shocker.

Another example of how these never-explained “adjustments” have been used to further the hoax was exposed in 2007 by statistician Steve McIntyre, in a paper published in 1987 by James Hansen, an arrogant bastard who ran GISS for many years.  Hansen’s original data showed temperatures in the Arctic as having been much higher around 1940 than at any time since.  But GISS quietly adjusted these older temperatures downward, so that those of the past 20 years are now higher instead of lower.

It's really stunning.  Astonishing.  Brazen. 

Makes you wonder what else they've been lying about.


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