Tuesday, February 10

Some president said America is the largest country on earth??

What American president said this:
We're the largest, most powerful country on earth.
Libs just know it must have been George Bush, right?  Cuz, you know, our honest, unbiased media (yes that's major sarcasm) said he was dumb and all.

Actually the speaker was America's first emperor, Barack Obama, in an interview yesterday with a goofy liberal webzine called Vox.

Remember the sneering, condemning reaction of the American media when v.p. Dan Quayle supposedly didn't know the proper spelling of "potato"?  (He was acting as a judge on a quiz show and was reading from a cue card that gave the spelling as "potatoe.")  The media went nuts for days.

But see if the press publishes a single critical word about the emperor's gaffe.  See if it gets a single second of air time on the evening news.  Hell, the emperor could shoot someone on live television and the press would ignore it.

Back when a Repub was VP, reading a cue card that incorrectly showed the spelling of a word was a HUGE deal to the Lying Media.  Today the emperor says America is the largest country on earth and the press doesn't bat an eye.

Wonder what changed?


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