Tuesday, February 3

Obama's chief of staff dodges simple questions

I really have a problem with people who dodge legitimate questions.  Especially *officials* who dodge.  Yes, I know they're not under any legal obligation to answer, but a crappy, transparent dodge suggests they think we're all idiots--which really pisses me off.

It's like "We don't have to answer no steenkeen questions, cuz we're royalty.

So here's Chris Wallace interviewing the emperor's chief of staff, Denis McDonough.
WALLACE: Let’s turn to domestic issues. Does President Obama realize that he lost the midterm election?
Consider that question: "Does the emperor realize his policies and his party got clobbered last November?" Simple, right?. Now check the White Hut guy's shitty dodge:
Emperor's chief of staff:  What the president realizes and he laid this out in the speech last night is that over the course of now decades, middle class families in this country have faced unrelenting pressure as costs go up with while wages stagnate. What the president laid out in the speech Tuesday night is a plan to say, ‘Hey, let’s put the middle class first in the country first, close loopholes, invest in them, things like child care, job training, community college,’ and make sure that they can get the kind of opportunities that we all had when we were growing up in the middle class family, Chris.
WALLACE: Forgive me. During the campaign the president said that his agenda was — the midterms were in effect going to be a referendum on his agenda… And yet, despite the fact that Republicans gained nine seats and took control of the Senate, gained 13 seats in the House, the president didn’t acknowledge the fact that Republicans won the midterms and didn’t basically scale back any of his agenda to reach out to Republicans.

Emperor's chief of staff: Here is what we’ve done since the mid-terms. We’ve normalized relations with Cuba, after policy for 50 years had been failing…

WALLACE: Respectfully, you’re not answering my question.

Emperor's chief of staff: We laid out a plan for the middle class on Tuesday night. In the meantime the Republicans have debated a single infrastructure project for three weeks. They’ve debated among themselves about how to address women’s health issues. Just going back to the first set of issues, as I look at it, I don’t see a pathway to getting the DHS appropriations bill — which funds things like counter-terrorism, our aviation security– I don’t see a path to how they get that done. I hope they’ll lay that out for us this week. We’re ready to work them on all these things, Chris. We have to get things like the DHS appropriations bill done.

WALLACE: The president famously said to Eric Canter in 2009, elections have consequences, I won. Well guess what, in November the Republicans won. What are the consequences? Doesn’t the president need to scale back his agenda to find areas of agreement with the Republicans who won the mid-term?

Emperor's chief of staff: The president laid out a lot of places in the speech as well where we can work with the Republicans; precision medicine, you saw that in the newspaper today, things like trade, things like infrastructure, things like research and development which have traditionally been nonpartisan issues. We’re ready to work on those. Here is where the president will not trim back his agenda, Chris; he is not going to say that we should trim back our agenda working for middle class families in this country.
Okay, here's what Wallace should have said:
W: Do you really think the American people believe that amnesty for illegals will help middle-class Americans?  Jon Gruber was caught on video saying Democrats were able to pass Obamacare in large part because Americans are stupid.  Does the president think Americans are stupid?  Do you think Americans are stupid?

Emperor's chief of staff:  Um...the president has an agenda to help middle-class families, and he refuses to scale that back...

W: Hey asshole, it's obvious you're consistently refusing to answer that easy question.  Do you think we're too dumb to notice that? 

COS: Well actually...

W: Can you tell us the Constitutional theory that allows the president to ignore laws passed by congress?

COS:  Well, actually, the Republicans have been obstructing the president's agenda for...

W: That's bullshit.  Harry Reid refused to allow over 50 bills passed by the House to be voted on by the Democrat-controlled senate.

COS:  Well of course the president has no control over what Democrat members of congress do.  It's not his fault that congress can't get anything done.  The president has warned congress that if it passes certain specific bills he'll be forced--forced--to veto them because he told Republicans not to do those things.  If congress refuses to obey the president, you can't blame the president when he does what he said he'd do.  He's being steadfast.  The man is just soooo smart!

W:  Are all you people on drugs or something?

COS:  Wow, look at the time!  I've got to get back to the White House to attend a very important meeting with the emp...with the president.  See ya later!


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