Saturday, February 28

Remember those "lost" emails about the IRS Lerner scandal? Well, they've been found. And it gets better...

Brazen acts of lawbreaking by the emperor and his administration have become so frequent that we're starting to forget some of the big ones.  But yesterday the nation got a welcome reminder:

A few of you may remember that 4 years ago conservative political groups--like Tea Party organizations--that applied to the IRS for tax-exempt status charged that the IRS had delayed granting this status for up to two years, by demanding that they provide outrageously detailed information on the beliefs of their members, including names and addresses of members and donors.

By contrast, liberal and so-called "progressive" groups were never asked such questions, and were granted tax-exempt status in as little as two months.

This was significant for a number of reasons:  First, the unequal treatment violated the law.  And second, delaying the status of conservative groups almost certainly cost votes in the 2012 presidential election because the groups were organizing to educate voters on issues, and without tax-exempt status they were unable to effectively raise funds to do that, while liberal and Democrat groups--granted the status quickly--had no such trouble.

The big question was, who initiated the policy of having the IRS apply different rules to "political enemies" than to Democrat allies?

The IRS first claimed this was entirely done by "a few rogue employees in the Cincinnati office," but this cover story quickly collapsed as emails and letters proved Washington was in the loop the whole time.

Obviously *someone* made the decision to single out conservative groups for extra questions and delaying tactics, so the question remained:  Who initiated it?  Was the policy initiated by the head of the IRS, or was it ordered by someone in the White House?

To find the answer, Congress subpoenaed the head of the IRS division responsible for awarding tax-exempt status--a woman named Lois Lerner.  Lerner first refused to appear, but under threat of criminal prosecution she showed up long enough to invoke her 5th amendment rights to refuse to testify.  She then retired with full pension.

Unable to compel Lerner to answer questions, congress then demanded that the IRS turn over all Lerner's emails for the time period in question, along with those of her associates in that division.

The IRS told congress it could not comply because Lerner's computer's hard drive had crashed at the end of the period in question, wiping out all its data.  However, records showed that the agency had made no effort at the time to try to recover that data.  This is unusual because in virtually all cases of hard-drive failure other than crushing, most of the data can be recovered fairly easily.

But the *really* bizarre story told by the IRS was that not only had Lerner's drive crashed, but seven of her close associates had ALSO suffered hard-drive crashes within a few weeks of each other!

Tech-savvy Americans recognized that this was strong evidence of a conspiracy, since the odds of that many crashes in the same office within such a short time were astronomical.  But the mainstream liberal, lying media--most of whom wouldn't know a megabyte from a gigabyte--simply winked and shrugged.

Head of IRS, echoed by Mainstream Media: "Nothing to see here, citizen.  Move along."

But someone in the government's tech field noted that critical government agencies like the IRS were required by law to back up all their data on tape regularly.  The tapes were stored off-site specifically to keep data from being lost in the event a fire took out an entire building, for example.  So all the emails, said the tech, should be on the backup tapes.

"Oh no no no," said the head of the IRS.  "The tapes aren't organized for easy searching, and no software exists that would let us find one person's emails out of terabytes of data."

"And besides, there are so many reels of tape that it would take months and millions of dollars to even find the right tape."

Nothing to see here, citizen.  Move along.

And the mainstream media dropped the story.  So most Americans forgot all about it.

Then some government I/T guy said what everyone not on the Democrat plantation knew: "They said the tapes aren't organized for easy searching?  And that no software exists that would let us find one person's emails?  And that they can't find the right tape in any case?  All of that's complete bullshit."

Sure enough, yesterday during a televised congressional hearing of the House Oversight Committee we learned that a new investigator found the Lerner email tapes. 

At the regular storage facility in West Virginia. 

And it took him all of two weeks to find 'em, from a cold start (i.e. not knowing a thing about where to look).

And if that's not damning enough, the investigator was clever enough to ask the managers of the storage facility if anyone at the IRS had asked them to find Lerner’s backup email tapes.  Answer:  No one from the IRS had ever asked the storage facility to look for them.

Treasury deputy inspector general Timothy Camus confirmed to the House Oversight Committee that his office has found more than 30,000 of Lerner’s emails.  Investigators have said there is "potential criminal activity” in the case.

Predictably, Democrat Rep. Carolyn Maloney called the hearing a “waste of time.”

The White House has staunchly refused to cooperate with the IRS investigation, claiming they'd done all they possibly could by directing the IRS to cooperate.  White House counsel W. Neil Eggleston wrote to Rep. Paul Ryan last week,
It is my understanding that in May 2014, Commissioner Koskinen responded to this request by indicating that the IRS would be able to address new topics such as these following its completion of document productions already in progress.  To the extent that the committee continues to have an oversight interest in this matter, I encourage you to continue working with the IRS to address those questions.
Translation:  Congress should stop its investigation and wait for the emperor's hand-picked minons to complete their diligent, oh-so-unbiased and honest investigation.  Which will be finished about a month after next year's presidential election.  Because the emperor has a HUGE interest in ensuring that a) a Democrat wins the presidency, so no one will come after the emperor for criminal wrongdoing; and b) that the Dems re-take as many seats as possible in congress, for the same reason.

Eat shit and die, tyrants.

All of you.

Between this bullshit and Obama's executive order banning 5.56mm ammo, I'm starting to think there's no alternative to a civil war to take this nation back to the Constitution.  Sad and deadly, but seems to be no other way.

Cuz asking the president and all his corrupt Democrat enablers in congress to obey the fucking LAW sure ain't working.


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