Sunday, February 22

What Leftists believe

So-called "progressives"--indistinguishable from leftists, socialists and hard-core Democrats--have an interesting set of core beliefs.  Some of these they admit, others they're coy about:

1.  All differences between groups (thus, "inequality")--whether between social groups or nations--occur because one group "exploits"  another.  The idea that differences in results may be due to widepread habits or differences in social ethos or modes of behavior between the groups is totally rejected.  Instead, all differences in results must be due to immoral practices by the more succesful group. Period.

2.  Accordingly, the more a group can show they've been victimized, the more deserving they are of praise and sympathy.

3.  It follows that justice demands that the evil "exploiters" be punished.  It's easy to identify this group:  they're successful--if not economically, then socially:  Most of them have generally functional families and they generally shy away from crime.

4.  In order to redress the inequalities of results, government must redistribute wealth from the successful to the victims.  It would be great if government could also redistribute "privileges" too, but this is rather more difficult.  So government should and must simply take away any privileges its experts believe successful people have.  Making successful people feel guilty about their relative success is another great tactic.

5.  The only legitimate government is one which is committed to imposing this agenda.

Think whatever modest degree of success you've achieved is due almost entirely to diligent study, sound ethics, avoiding drugs and crime, and a strong work ethic--perhaps working long hours or studying hard when others were drinking and partying?

Why, not at all, citizen!  How dare you think such a thing!  Your work ethic and study and avoiding illegal drugs had nothing to do with it!  It was all because you're a member of the privileged class!

As a famous emperor said, "You didn't build that!"

But don't worry: this injustice can be rectified.  We'll just take your tax dollars and give 'em to people styles of living.  Cuz, you know, all lifestyles are equally valid.  You can believe us because our experts have degrees from Hahvahd, which means they're really, really smart.

And of course "professions" includes being a professional thief or drug dealer or mugger.  Because those folks work hard too.  And of course the only reason they took up those professions was because no one would give them $50,000-a-year jobs.  It was and is manifestly unfair.  So you need to fix it.

"Manifestly."  Gotta love that word.

Oh, and in case you missed it:  A new poll found that 48 percent of Democrats believed the president could and should do anything he felt was necessary, even if the proposed action was contra to the law.

No word on whether that belief would change if a Republican were president.

"Constitution?  Never heard of it."


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