Tuesday, February 24

Liberal rag characterizes amnesty fight as Obama "making deportation less of a priority"

The Left-wing media lies so constantly, so effortlessly, that we barely notice anymore.  It's so common that pointing out an example seems like noting that the sun rose this morning.

I'd like to point out an example anyway, because I hate the Left for their largely-successful efforts to destroy the nation I love.

The Huffington Post is thoroughly leftist--they support anything the emperor wants, no matter if it's unconstitutional.  Yesterday they posted an article on the effort by conservatives in congress to block Obama's unconstitutional amnesty for illegal aliens.  In the article's second sentence the author described the controversy like this:
the GOP has resisted calls to fund the agency, citing objections to Obama's recent actions making the deportation of undocumented immigrants less of a priority.
But the emperor's announced and proposed action doesn't just make deportation "less of a priority."  It will stop deportation of illegals altogether.

Why the misleading phrasing?  After all, all their readers are in favor of the proposed amnesty, and Democrat bigwigs are salivating over the prospect of winning millions of new Democrat votes. 

They can't be candid because they know millions of voters who are relatively neutral about the emperor's policies would view an admission of the truth and get fired up.  And vote.

So they'll carefully mis-characterize...lie...about the true effects, just like they did about the bill that became Obamacare.  Lie to get it safely passed, because they know that once it's passed there's no practical way to undo it.

And they do this every day.

Why would they phrase it in such a misleading and innocuous-sounding  If you're a typical leftist/liberal/low-info voter


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