Saturday, February 28

ISIS destroys irreplaceable statues from 5,000-year-old civilization; mainstream American media yawns.

If you're a liberal Democrat, the prospect of ISIS monsters killing unarmed Christian civilians may not upset you.  On the other hand, the notion of ISIS thugs breaking into a museum and smashing hundreds of irreplaceable ancient statues from a long-vanished civilization may rile you up a bit.

Hell, you may even be as outraged as you were when that actress at the Oscars spoke out about unfairness to women or something.

Oh, and after the museum-smashing, the thugs strolled over to Mosul's library and destroyed an estimated 8,000 books--many of which were "registered on a UNESCO rarities list," (for whatever that's worth).  Then, apparently tired from their labors, they blew up the entire building, along with its 112,000 books and manuscripts.

Of course if we merely told you the ISIS thugs destroyed priceless books and antiquities, most liberals would assume it was a lie--propaganda designed to get the U.S. to fight ISIS for the Jews or some such.  In that case here's a video, so you can watch as the berserk killers of ISIS destroy ancient statues in the museum in Mosul.  (For a larger, higher-resolution version click here.)

The clip above is just part of the vid released by ISIS.  At the beginning of the full video an ISIS representative says the statues were destroyed because they were from a civilization of "polytheists"--which islam equates to devil-worshippers.

Wait...what does this have to do with islam?  Because your emperor has repeatedly assured you that ISIS has nothing whatsoever to do with islam.  So there.  (And if anyone knows what it takes to be Islamic it's Barack Obama.)  I guess that means the confused "militants" shown in the video destroyed the statues for some other reason--ran out of prisoners to behead or burn alive, maybe--and they merely cited "islam" as the reason because they don't really know who they are or what they believe.

Yes, that must be it.  Because the emperor says they have nothing to do with islam.


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