Wednesday, February 25

ISIL won't allow UN to distribute food to refugees unless it's marked "Gift from ISIL"

You won't be surprised to learn that the U.S. has given the U.N. hundreds of millions of dollars to provide food to those displaced by war in the middle-east.  The program feeds roughly two million Syrian refugees living in areas controlled by ISIL.

What may surprise you is that ISIL won't allow this food to be distributed unless every box and sack is marked "gift from ISIL."

The UN has also found that ISIL is selling some of the relief food to raise cash. ISIL has told the UN to shut up and be grateful that ISIL allows any food to be distributed.

So the west is eager to provide food to refugees, while the self-declared Islamic thugs of ISIL are happy for them to starve if the food isn't marked "gift from ISIL."

That perfectly illustrates the huge disadvantage we're operating from when it comes to ISIL:  They're perfectly happy to starve innocent civilians, while we recoil from that prospect.



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