Saturday, February 21

Intellectual inconsistency never bothers Leftists

There's this stupid liberal asshole named Paul Krugman, who writes some dumb crap for the NY Times.  Like all good liberals, Krugman strongly agrees with the claim that raising the minimum wage won't reduce employment--whether entry-level or otherwise.

But also like all good liberals, Krugman firmly believes humans are causing significant, harmful global warming, mainly by the emission of CO2 from burning fossil fuels.  Like all good liberals, he's 100 percent behind the emperor's plans to tax the hell out of carbon--whether before or after it's burned.  Because imposing a nice tax on carbon will reduce the amount consumed.

Because, you know, raising the price of something reduces its use.

Uh...except when it comes to...entry-level labor.  In which case raising the price will have zero effect.

Yes, zero! 

And you can believe him because he's a columnist for the NY Times and once won a Nobel prize for economics.  You know, just like Obama's Nobel peace prize.

You know, the one he was nominated for a month before his inauguration.  Because of all the heroic work he did during his long 4-year career in the U.S. senate, fighting for peace.

Wait...what?  You say he never sponsored a single bill during his term in the senate?

Then surely it was for the hundreds of hours he spent trying to negotiate peace in the middle-east in the two months between leaving the senate and being inaugurated as emperor.

What?  You say he didn't do any such thing?  Then why the fuck would any sane person nominate the cunning, lying bastard for the Nobel?



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