Sunday, February 22

Harrowing moments in history if Team Obama had been in charge

Harrowing moments in U.S. history if Team Obama had been in charge back then:
“Yesterday, December 7th 1941, a regrettable loss of life and dismantling of obsolete military equipment occurred during a peaceful airshow conducted by the Empire of Japan in the Hawaiian Islands. While the loss of life was regrettable, the United States Government recognizes that the accidental weapons discharges that occurred during this airshow does not indicate an aggressive intent by the Japanese. We will move forward with continued peace with Japan, so help us God!”

“The mass migration that occurred yesterday when large numbers of Koreans from the northern part of that country moved south in search of food and employment does not indicate a desire to commence hostilities. These people from the north are simply willing to do the jobs that the south Koreans are unwilling to do. The United States will not interfere with this internal migration.”

“It was regrettable that on September 11th a number of undocumented airline pilots felt that they had to overcome the widespread prejudice against foreign workers by taking control of a few airliners and attempting to demonstrate their prowess. As a result of this tragedy I have directed the Federal Aviation Administration to perform a thorough review of student pilot training techniques and standards. I also have directed the Department of Labor to investigate airline hiring practices--specifically corporate prejudice against undocumented workers of foreign origin. We must consign this kind of discrimination to the dustbin of history!” 
 See how much better that would have been?


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