Monday, February 16

Another Obama success: Muzz terrorists behead 21 bound Christian hostages--in LIBYA !

Yesterday a video was released by muslim terrorist barbarians purporting to show the beheading of 21 bound Coptic Christian hostages. 

Read that again and consider it: The bastard muslims have been beheading Christians and others for years, but I don't recall them beheading even three or four at a time.  But now...twenty-one at once.  And the entire thing is on video.

You think this is just more of same, but the new news is that the hostages were beheaded in Libya.  You know, that country that our bastard muslim emperor violated the War Powers act to help overthrow Kadaffi--a guy who'd given up his nuclear program and was *really* no threat to us.

How'd that work out for ya, Barack?  Still pushin' that "Arab spring" bullshit are ya?

You are one fabulous strategic planner, eh?  An absolute wonder of foreign-policy brilliance.  You and Hillary, who pushed the same bullshit.

In a statement released Sunday evening White House press secretary Josh Earnest did not refer to the hostages as Christians, but only as "Egyptian citizens" and "innocents."  Do you suppose the emperor's team simply didn't know they were Coptic Christians?  Yeah, probably not an important factor to Team O.  Plus they wouldn't wanna rile up the bitter clingers in the heartland.

Wonder if the emperor and his team would have been so nonchalant if five or six muslims had been shot by Americans?  Yeah, somehow I'm seeing a *lot* different reaction.

Ya know, if you think about Libya, Iraq, arming rebels in Syria, kissing up to Castro and the totality of Obama's foreign policy it seems to be disaster everywhere you look--unless you consider his goal is really to advance Islam and reduce American power and influence.  In that case it makes *perfect* sense.

If you think the bastards will stop with Libya you're too dumb to live.  But don't worry, citizen:  Your emperor assures you ISIS isn't a real threat.  In fact it's did Barky put it?  Oh yeah:  A "JV team."

That Barky is one smart guy, eh?  Oh, did Boko Haram bring the Christian school girls back yet?

No?  You mean the hashtag campaign didn't work?  That is such a shock!  And it was so brilliant in its strategic deconstruction of the oblate enfarkiousness of the core psychology of the.... Oh, is that bullshit Barkybabble again?  Yeah,'s always worked before.

Gotta keep the Base happy, right?  And if you keep givin' the Base and the Lying Media words they can't make sense of, they'll never be able to poke any holes in your strategy.


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