Friday, February 20


This country is being run--into the ground--by a lying, scheming, lawless, Constitution-raping emperor, and his Democrat henchmen.

Of course you think I'm just being hyperbolic. Well, take a look at the vid below of Obozo campaigning for his first imperial election.  He slams G.W. Bush for adding [gasp!!] a staggering $4 trillion to the national debt.  As Obozo put it, "That's irresponsible!"

Hmm...Wonder how the emperor has fared on adding to the national debt--by spending more than the government took in in revenue?  During the emperor's reign the national debt has increased by roughly $8 trillion.

Okay, so is that increase also "irresponsible?"  Why, not at all, citizen!  In fact, Obozo didn't even  bother to push his Democrats in congress--when they controlled both chambers--to pass a budget for three years.  Gosh, that sound *very* responsible.  Not.

In fact, the Dem talking points for the entire period of the emperor's reign has been that any Repub who tried to reduce just the growth of federal spending is cruel and a racist for wanting to make the poor and minorities suffer!

Eh, no matter.  Or as the top Dem candidate said:  "At this point what difference could it possibly make?"


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