Friday, January 2

New Year's Eve car burnings in France: the insanity continues

For the last decade or so immigrants in France have marked New Year's eve by burning cars.

Not just a dozen or so.  Lots of cars.

This year the French government reported that total was lower than last year:  A mere 940 cars were destroyed.

Significantly, the French government considers this good news, since it's a hundred or so less than last year.  Yay!

Imagine a four-lane roadway with cars stopped almost bumper-to-bumper.  Now walk down this parking lot for 4/5ths of a mile.  That's 940 cars.  Or former cars.  Now scrap.

Ya know, as much as Greenies like to bitch about "carbon pollution" you'd think one of 'em would complain about turning 940 cars and their tires and upholstry into smoke.  But you've never heard a single complaint about that, have ya?

That's because the car-burners are Muslim "youth."  Well, that and the fact that Leftists and "watermelons" (green on the outside, red underneath) are delighted to destroy any private property.

And just for the record:  The carnage isn't limited to New Year's eve, but goes on year round.  In 2013 a total of 40,000 cars were set afire in France.

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