Thursday, January 1

Sign of the times?

Sign of the times:

The Colosseum in Rome was originally faced with gleaming white marble.  But today the walls are dull and pockmarked at regular intervals.  That's because after the sack of Rome looters stole the marble facing.  Then they started chiseling out the bronze clips that fastened the marble to the structural walls.

As metals go, bronze is relatively valuable.

In short order all that was left was thousands of holes where the bronze clips had been.

Fast-forward to modern California:  Historian and author Victor Davis Hansen owns a farm in the Central Valley, far from the teeming cities.  He reports that theft of any and all metal objects from all the farms in his area has become epidemic.

He also reports that in many of the towns in his area thieves are prying the bronze dedication plaques from buildings like libraries, banks and other historic structures.

As an aside, Hanson also reports that in a large number of automobile accidents in his area the driver simply abandons the car and flees on foot.  The cars are unregistered and have never been tagged by the new "owner."  If the driver is found he is invariably driving without a license or insurance--both of which, of course, are required by law.

Which shows yet again that U.S. laws mean nothing to illegal immigrants.  After all, they broke a big one when they entered, yet the emperor gave them amnesty, which clearly show the illegals that neither the federal nor state government is serious about enforcing these "laws."

With the emperor having clearly signaled that he won't take any action to limit the flood of illegals entering the country, how much longer can small farmers in California's central valley withstand the constant stream of theft?  Can the nation ever recover back to anything like stable civilization?

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