Saturday, December 27

Turkish Muslim operates 130 charter schools in the U.S??

In November of 1979 a Turkish Muslim named Fethullah Gulen was taped giving a speech in which he said
A believer should be like a bomb even if the United States of America opposes him/her! He/she should continue by exploding and smashing the head of the infidel!
Yeah, well, so what, right?  I mean, it was, like, decades ago, dude.  What possible relevance...?

Well, you might find this relevant:  In 1999 Gulen moved to the U.S. where he hit on the gold mine of opening government-funded charter schools, with wonderful, innocuos names like "Lisa Academy" and "Magnolia Science" and "Frontier School of Innovation."

Why that's jus' wunnerful, eh?  The guy now has about 130 of these schools--including 18 in Ohio and 37 in Texas.  He's raking in $150 million a year in taxpayer bucks.  And most of the teachers are Turkish.

If the guy had had some great conversion, some epiphany that changed his ways, I'd cut him some slack.  But he's never claimed such, nor repudiated his earlier sermons.  But claims to be in favor of "interfaith outreach" and similar wholesome-sounding goals.

Eh, probably nothin' to worry about.


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