Friday, December 26

All ideas, all cultures, all religions are equal?

"All cultures, all ideas and all religions are equal."

At least this is what the Left tells us.  What do you think:  True or not?

Is slavery as good an idea as freedom?

Is forcing women to wear a black head-to-toe covering as "good" as letting them dress as they wish?

Is banning music as good as being able to listen to music?

Is beheading bound captives as good as building them soccer fields and cooking them religously approved food?

But wait...the Left keeps telling us all cultures, all ideas and all religions are equal.  Are they lying, or have they simply never thought about the questions posed above?

Is it reasonable to believe Leftists are totally unaware of the examples above?

Maybe there's some other explanation for the apparent contradiction.  Wait, I know:  They'll tell you that none of the above acts represents "real" Islam, and in fact have nothing whatsoever to do with Islam.

Count on it.



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