Friday, December 26

Statue of baby Jesus stolen from Nativity scene at Massachusetts church

Sacred Hearts parish church in Haverhill, Massachusetts, put up its annual manger scene for Christmas.

Early on Christmas morning someone stole the figure of baby Jesus and replaced it with a pig's head.

There are a bunch of sick people in this world.  And a larger group that merely hates Christians and Christianity.

One has to wonder what it is with these people that makes them hate Christ, and those who believe.

If Christ had preached hate, or exhorted his followers to kill those who didn't follow Him, or to loot their possessions, or to impose a tax on them, it would be understandable.  But He did none of those things, instead preaching love and forgiveness even to one's enemies.

Hard to figure.  And sick.  Whether or not mentally ill.

And maybe I'm wrong but it seems to me these incidents are becoming more frequent.



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