Thursday, January 1

Who are these kids?

Take a look at the 21 faces of school kids below:

Now imagine five more panels like this one, but with different faces.  That entire group is fewer than a Taliban terror group killed in the school in Pakistan two weeks ago.

What kind of insane cult of death methodically kills 132 defenseless school kids and a dozen teachers?

Ah, wait...I hear the answer from the Left now:  "This unfortunate event had nothing whatsoever to do with Islam."  Well, the Taliban sure as hell *think* they're Muslims, and that they're following the commands of their prophet.  By what bizarre perversion of logic do you claim there's no connection?

Wait, I know:  All seven of the attackers were simply "lone wolves" who just happened to have the same idea at the same time.  Yeh, dat's it.



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