Saturday, January 17

Muzz protest against cartoons "in the name of freedom of speech" ??

After Muslim terrorists murdered 17 unarmed Parisians last week--murders ostensibly "triggered" by the publication of cartoons of Mohammed--a mob of 7th-century goat-humpers expressed their outrage--not about the murders, but about the publication of those cartoons satirizing their sacred religious figure.  Take a look:

The banners read "We condemn the blasphemy of Muhammad in the name of media liberalization and freedom of speech."

I suggest this phrase is either a lie of Orwellian proportions, or absolute proof that these people are utterly impervious to reason.  It's easy to see how followers of a bloodthirsty, rapacious, conquest-pushing religion would be offended by cartoons satirizing their key figure, but by what bizarre twist of logic can they claim their condemnation of said "blasphemy" (i.e. the publication of the cartoons) is "in the name of media liberalization and freedom of speech"?

The members of this mob--and apparently almost all Muslims--are totally opposed to freedom of speech, at least as any rational person understands the term.

Like leftists and dictators around the world, they demand that nothing be uttered or drawn or published that offends them.  Sorry, that's not freedom of speech.  It's the opposite.

So why the wording on the banners?  I suggest it's pure propaganda, designed to fool other morons into believing that the muzz mob is right--that free speech should NOT include the right to say or publish certain things.  And I suspect about half of Americans would agree with that.

The same half that voted for the emperor.  Twice.


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