Monday, January 12

After Israeli PM opts to attend Paris rally, Fwench prez invites Palestinian prez

You need to know what dangerous, traitorous, lying scum are running nominally civilized western nations now.

No, I'm not talking about the socialist muslim in the White Hut, but rather French socialist president Hollande.  Here's the story:  With Muslim terrorists having killed four Jews in the Paris attacks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu planned to join the leaders of 40 other nations at Sunday‚Äôs massive rally in Paris.  But Hollande asked him not to come, pay attention here...his presence would be "divisive."

Yep.  Muslim terrorists executing unarmed civilians is just random workplace violence, but the presence of the Israeli prime minister would be "divisive"--and Lord knows we can't risk hurting the precious feeeewings of Fwench Muslims.  Cuz they might, y'know, kill somebody.

Netanyahu initially agreed not to attend, but later changed his mind.  Shortly after his administration notified Hollande's office of the new decision, something curious happened:  Hollande's office notified the Israelis that in light of Netanyahu's decision to attend the rally, the French government was formally inviting Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas to attend the rally.  Which he did.

Why did Hollande invite Abbas?  Is it because the "brave" Muslim killers who executed unarmed journalists accidentally shot a palestinian in the attack?

Of course not.  It's because Hollande--like all socialists/Leftists--hates Israel.  If Israel's PM was coming, Hollande wanted to offset this by inviting the terrorist protector Abbas.

France is in what's called an "existential crisis" right now--if they make the wrong decision the country will cease to exist in anything like its current form.  [Sorry, I do that because a lot of my readers are college students who don't always know what terms mean.]   Obviously Hollande believes it's crucial to appear scrupulously even-handed, inviting terrorist-protector Abbas to the rally even though he's historically been on the pro-Muslim-terror side.

If the French people want to be Muslim-ruled that's their choice.  I really don't care, any more than I care whether Pakistan or Afghanistan or Goatfuckistan is Muslim ruled.  Their choice, and enjoy the fruits thereof.  What's important is that everyone SEE how the track is being laid to bring about this outcome, so no one can wail "OMG, I had no idea this was happening!  If only I'd known!!"

I feel so sorry for people who are honest, hard-working, well intentioned and good, but are betrayed into slavery by their politicians, with the crucial help of the Lying Media.  It's sad, like sheep being led to the slaughter.  The don't have a chance.

That's why I write this stuff:  If I can educate just a few hundred good people, and show 'em the inevitable outcome of political betrayal, it will have been worthwhile.

Best of luck to the people of France--indeed, to all non-Muslims.  You're in an existential fight, even though most of you don't know it yet.


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