Saturday, January 10

How stupid Republicans can smarten up and beat the emperor

There's a classic move in chess called a "fork," in which one player moves to a square that will let him take one of two pieces on the next move.  The opponent can move one piece out of danger, but will still lose one of the two pieces.

The emperor's new proposal to "give" two years of "free" community college to all is such a move.

Prudent politicians don't just ad-lib shit like this.  Rather, it was carefully crafted with his advisors.  The reason it's so canny is that even if congress doesn't pass a bill enacting it, the emperor wins the support of naive low-information voters.  And of course if the McCon and Orange-man-led congress does pass such a bill, Obama gets the credit. 

So, a win-win for the emperor and his Democrat advisors.

Of course if the Repubs were smart (I know, I know) they'd be playing the same game:  Deliberately sending not just one or two bills to the Kenyan bastard, but *dozens*--all of which contain a single provision that the Kenyan says he'll veto.  Let him.  When that happens enough times--and that's the key--then it'll slowly start penetrating some skulls that the Democrat/emperor claim that *congress* is shutting shit down is bullshit.

If I were strategizing for the Repubs I'd have three dozen such bills all drafted and ready to go, and I'd hit the Kenyan with one every week--enough to keep the issue at the front of the news cycle (I know, I know).  Well, at least the internet and bloggers.  We know the Lying Media won't say a word to embarrass their Precioussss.

Post the full text of the bill on the internet three days before the vote, to contrast real transparency with the lie Obama told that his administration would do just that, and then of course didn't.

Each time the bastard vetoed one, a dozen repubs should give speeches in the well of the senate or floor of the House, explaining what just happened. 
We passed this *short*, *simple* bill--with the help of [two or five or ten] Democrats--to [add jobs, help defense, reduce taxes on middle class, simplify/reduce regulations, make govt more transparent, improve care at the VA, reduce government get it].  Unlike the "Affordable Care Act" we didn't use 1,800 pages of fine print to hide provisions that not a single person in congress had time to read, let alone understand.  What we've done here is government doing what it should.  And your emperor vetoed it out of pique.

Go ahead and ask him why he vetoed such a simple, short, easy-to-understand bill.  He won't give you a straight answer, any more than he followed through on his *promise* to post all bills for public inspection three days before a vote.  You'll notice we did that.  But he's a liar.

You get the idea.

Fork him.


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