Sunday, January 11

European leaders walk in "unity rally" in Paris; Obama, Kerry, Holder no-shows

The leaders of most European nations attended a rally in Paris today to honor the victims of the latest Muslim atrocity.

Obama didn't attend.  Nor did his Secretary of State, Kerry.  Nor did his attorney general, the nominal head of the Department of Injustice, Eric Holder...even though Holder was in Paris.

The excuse was that Holder was at a meeting of ministers discussing security.  Many observers found this odd since all the heads of state of Europe, and their assistants, were marching in the streets with about a million Parisians.  So who could Holder have been meeting with--if indeed the story is true?

Here's how the French news agency AFP reported it:
US Attorney General Eric Holder, who was in Paris Sunday to attend a meeting of interior and justice ministers discussing measures to combat jihadist attacks, was meant to have participated in the rally according to the White House on Saturday, but did not do so, the US embassy in Paris confirmed.
The embassy did not say why Holder did not attend the march.
Wow, they didn't even have an excuse ready?  Talk about tone-deaf!  Talk about a thumb in the eye of a potentially valuable ally.  Way to go, Obama/Kerry/Holder and all you dumb sons-of-bitches.

Gotta say, after the endless string of years of lies, at this point I wouldn't believe anything Obama or Kerry or Holder or Psaki said.  Useless wastes of skin.


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