Tuesday, January 13

Muslim cleric whines that new Charlie Hebdo issue is "racist," will upset Muslims

Tomorrow--a week after Muslim terrorists armed with machine-guns executed 17 unarmed civilians--the remaining staff of the satirical mag Charlie Hebdo plans to publish a defiant issue again featuring cartoons lampooning the violent killer-warlord Mohammed.  Except instead of the normal press run of 60,000 copies, other printing houses are cooperating to print a total of 3 million copies.

This prompted some muzzie "Grand Mufti" asshole to warn the French that the planned printing was a "racist act" that would "incite hatred and upset Muslims around the world."

Wait...did I get that right?  Armed muzzie terrorist scum assholes execute 17 unarmed civilians (way to go, you braaaave chickenshits; takes lots of courage to execute unarmed civilians) and this Mufti chickenshit is warning the country whose citizens were executed that the mere act of printing cartoons was "a racist act"?

I'm sorry, asshole, but your playing the bullshit race card doesn't count for shit against what your people did in Paris.  But worse yet is that you are so completely disconnected from reality that you THINK playing the race card will work to cow the countrymen of the people your chickenshit murderers just killed.  That's some serious insanity there.

Here's the quote from the office of Grand Mufti Shawqi Allam, who is billed as one of Egypt's most influential Muslim clerics:
This edition will cause a new wave of hatred in French and Western society in general and what the magazine is doing does not serve coexistence or a dialog between civilizations.  This is an unwarranted provocation against the feelings of … Muslims around the world.
The statement called on the French government to reject what was termed the "racist act" by Charlie Hebdo, accusing the newspaper of seeking to provoke "religious strife... and deepen hatred."

Sorry, asshole:  The act that provoked religious strife was your unhinged chickenshit murderers executing 17 unarmed civilians.  If you're worried about "religious strife and hatred" I think it's beyond question that those murders--committed by your fellow muzz--utterly overwhelm the injury of any cartoon. 

Meanwhile the president of Muslim Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan, accused the West of hypocrisy for its stance over the two attacks, while allegedly failing to condemn anti-Muslim acts in Europe. "The West's hypocrisy is obvious," said this lying sack of shit.  "As Muslims, we've never taken part in terrorist massacres. Behind these [??] lie racism, hate speech and Islamophobia," he said.

Oh yes, always the alleged "Islamophobia."  And to say that Muslims have never taken part in terrorist massacres?  What a crock.  Obviously Erdogan has either forgotten 9/11 or believes the propaganda that the towers were not brought down by passenger jets hijacked by...Muslims.  Again, totally disconnected from reality.

I really don't see how we can coexist with people like this.


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