Sunday, January 11

Cuban regime announces experimental "Wi-Fi" system at killer price

The regime ruling Cuba has announced that it will install an experimental Wi-Fi system in one city this month, at "killer prices." 

The price to use the system will be five dollars an hour.

Five dollars is an entire week's salary for Cubans.

But you have to understand that the regime is forced to charge this outrageously high hourly rate because the eeevil Bush government jams electronic transmissions in the poor island nation, which means the regime must use special, incredibly expensive jam-resistant wi-fi routers.

Yeah, that was sarcasm.  It costs a week's salary per hour because the regime controls everything.  Supply and demand, baby:  Keep supply low and prices will stay high.  And since wi-fi costs very little, where do you suppose all that profit will go?  Why, to the Castros and their lackeys, of course.

Socialism is bad enough.  Add totalitarianism and you get damn near the worst of all worlds. 

Oh, the link at the top is to a site called Havana Times, which gets stories from contributors in Cuba but has to be posted from off the island, since the operators would prefer not to spend life in prison.  Surprisingly the ops don't seem to be angry about the infinite shortages and scams and deprivations of life in Cuba but seem to have sort of a resigned good humor.  Worth reading.

Socialism, baby!  Your emperor is doing everything possible to bring you more of it, cuz it works SO fucking well.


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