Sunday, January 11

Govt and media: "This has no connection whatsoever with Islam!"

In Paris two men armed with AK-47s burst into the office of a French magazine and methodically executed eleven people, including the editor and several cartoonists.  They separated the men and women, then called names from a list.  As each person called came out, he was executed with a shot to the head.  One woman was similarly killed.

On leaving, they killed an unarmed policeman outside.

The killers were caught on cell phone video yelling Allahu akhbar and "We have avenged the honor of the prophet."

A woman in the office who was spared said one of the killers told her to "read the Koran and convert to Islam."

The magazine that was attacked had published cartoons satirizing Mohammed.

Despite these key facts, barely an hour after the shootings the Lying Media and governments were laying down suppressive fire, claiming (you know what's coming, right?) "This had nothing whatsoever to do with Islam."

Apparently you people think all of us are stupid.

A short time later in another Paris suburb another...person...armed with two AK-47s entered a deli, shot and killed four young male customers and took a number of people hostage.  The killer later talked extensively with his captors, telling them he was "al-qaeda."  He was eventually killed by police.

And once again, the allies of Islamic conquest claimed "This had nothing whatsoever to do with Islam."

Curious, isn't it:  When someone claiming to be "avenging the honor of the prophet" and shouting Allahu akhbar, and admonishing captors to "study the Koran and convert" shoots, blows up or beheads innocents, the reaction of the U.S. government and media is always the same.

Every case is dismissed as an isolated event, perpetrated by "lone wolves."  Politicians and the mainstream media fall all over themselves in the rush to claim that the murders had nothing at all to do with Islam.  Public discourse about the murders--the stuff in print and over the air--is obsessed, not with the acts of the terrorists, but with warning American against "Islamophobia" (cute, huh) and a "right-wing reaction" to the murders.

This is beyond stupid.  It's a willful lie--suppressive fire designed to make ordinary citizens keep their mouths shut and not demand an end to Muslim immigration and generous welfare benefits for people who want to rule us and kill those who don't convert to Islam.

Now just so we're perfectly clear, no one believes all Muslims want to kill non-Muslims.  And it's almost certainly true that some of the terrorist murderers are literally crazy--and everyone knows that crazy isn't exclusively confined to Muslims.  But both of these facts are scant comfort to the families of the victims.

I'll have to admit I don't know the solution.  Attackers who don't wear uniforms will always have a huge tactical advantage over civilians--especially unarmed ones.  So as long as Muslims are allowed to live in non-Muslim nations, and refuse to help the native population root out terrorist murderers, the lethal risk will remain.

I predict both Europe and the U.S. will see a few Paris-style attacks per year for the next few decades.  Because the actual risk will be on the order of getting struck by lightning, people will come to regard such attacks as a normal part of life--much the way those of us in Tornado Alley regard tornadoes.

Christians will tolerate random murders indefinitely rather than deport Muslims.  No surprise, really.


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