Friday, December 19

U.N. resolution proposes making Palestine a state and forcing Israel to return the West Bank

A U.N. resolution has just been introduced by allies of the Palestinians, calling for making Palestine a "state"--that is, a country with the same perks as others--within two years.
Oh, and the resolution would also require Israel to "withdraw to pre-1967 borders within two years."

If you're neither Jewish, military or a political junkie this probably doesn't mean anything to you.  In 1967 there was a very short war between Israel and a clutch of its neighbors.  Lasted six days.  Israel ended up with the Sinai penensula and the West Bank--an area that included roughly half of Jerusalem.  The are was home to lots of Arabs.  Some left, some stayed.

Six years later Egypt, Syria and other smaller states started a second war to take it all back.  Didn't work.  Lots of people killed on both sides.

Shortly thereafter Israel started pulling its front lines in the Sinai away from Egypt, and around 9 years later years later Israel completed its withdrawal from the Sinai.  However, there hasn't been any mention of a plan by Israel to return the West Bank.

Thus to say the Palestinian demand for both statehood and for Israel to relinquish the West Bank is a radical departure is like saying the emperor may have some blank spots on his resume.

In the past the only thing keeping the resolution from passing would have been the U.S. president instructing our U.N. rep to veto it.  But the emperor has made no secret of his hostility to Israel.  More to the point, Obama's base would probably react badly to a veto.

Interesting.  Unless the U.K. or France vetoes--highly unlikely--the final act may start in the Middle East.


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