Wednesday, December 17

Emperor's nominee to head ICE confirmed--despite agreeing that illegals "have earned the right to be citizens"

As everyone knows, Democrats still hold the majority in the U.S. senate until late January.

As everyone should know, the senate is supposed to vet presidential appointees, such as the emperor's nominee to head the agency called "Immigration and Customs Enforcement," one Sarah Saldana.

Of course with Democrats still controlling the senate the "review" process was a total charade whose outcome was never in doubt.  The nominee could have sworn to violate every law known and Dems would still have confirmed her.  (The nomination got through the committee on a straight party-line vote.  In the full senate only two Republicans voted to approve the nomination.)

Senate Judiciary Committee member Mike Lee (R-Utah) noted that Saldaña "demonstrated that her commitment to the rule of law may falter when it comes to faithfully enforcing the Immigration and Nationality Act.”
“In response to a question asked by several members of the Senate Judiciary Committee... Ms. Saldaña said she agreed with the position of DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson that immigrants who entered the country illegally...have ‘earned the right to be citizens,’” Lee said.

“To assert that citizenship is a matter of right, and that it has been earned by the very act of breaking our immigration laws, is an unacceptable view for a person nominated to be head of immigration enforcement.”

“We have passed through the looking glass.  Today the president asks the Senate to install, as custodian of our border, a person who evidently believes that crossing our border illegally earns you the right to vote.”
But of course.  Because the Emperor has decreed amnesty for those who broke our immigration laws.


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