Friday, December 19

Emperor chides Sony for folding; Sony says theaters bailed out first

Wow.  The emperor--Mr. "Red line in the sand"/"wait, I never said that"--has chided Sony for saying it won't release its comedy that prompted the North Koreans to hack the studio.

Lawmakers and others have described the hack as a major attack with immense national security implications.  Obama, addressing those concerns, said Friday the U.S. will respond "proportionally," in a "place and time and manner" of [the government's] choosing.

Are you wondering what that might entail?  I sure as hell am, and The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that the government is considering dropping the hammer:  They're considering putting North Korea back on the list of state sponsors of terror.

Why that's...that's...inhumane!  Isn't that as bad as waterboarding?  I mean, give the poor schmucks a break, eh?  It's not like they attacked the U.S. and threatened to bomb movie theaters that showed Oh wait, I guess that's actually what they did.

Well the emperor will show 'em!  Yeah!  I'll bet these guys fold even faster than Assad did!

Wait...Syria's Assad is still in whatever passes for the White Hut in Syria.  Gosh, d'ya think maybe the rest of the world isn't quite as dazzled by the emperor's bluster as, say, our mainstream media? 


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