Wednesday, December 17

North Korea vetoes release of Sony comedy in New York. National media yawns.

How far has the once-powerful U.S. fallen under Emperor Barack Hussein Obama?  Far enough that now North Korea has been allowed to veto the showing of movies it doesn't like--in this country.

Of course you think that's impossible, paranoid, nutty and so on.  That's fine, but if you want to do just a smidgen of fact-checking...wait, you guys elected the Emperor, so you're clearly impervious to facts.  So never mind.

But for some barely-literate urchin reading this three decades from now, consider:  A reasonably competent, reasonably sane American movie company--Sony Pictures--made a comedy involving the dictator of North Korea and a couple of bumbling would-be spies.  The Nork dictator had his tech guys hack the studio's computers, apparently just as an indicator of seriousness.

Then it gets interesting:  A group calling itself the Guardians of Peace--seriously--has warned that they will attack any theater that shows the movie.  The movie chains decided not to take the risk, and that was that.  Sony has now decided not to release the film in theaters.

Now frankly, I don't care if Hollywood never makes another movie again.  But can you imagine how many millions of people around the globe have just learned a game-changing lesson here?  The U.S. can be intimidated so thoroughly that now, by simply threatening to use a terror attack, we can even veto the films they can show!

I have to say, I'm really glad I'm not in charge of things, because I would have dropped a cruise missile through that Nork bastard's bedroom ceiling before anyone had time to celebrate the victory.

But fortunately we're being run by His Magnificence, emperor Barack, who has decided that it's far better for us to cave in to threats than to vaporize people.  Because everyone knows that if we just keep doing whatever they demand, everything will be just fine.  Really.

Again, I couldn't care less about Hollywood.  And I suspect most of the people in Hollywood don't really care that Sony just lost a couple of hundred-million bucks, because it was Sony and not their studio.

And after all, how often does anyone want to make a film about that North Korean shithole anyway?  This part of it's no loss at all.  The problem is the precedent that just got set.

A few of you know what I'm talking about.  For the rest of you:  I hear American Idol has a great show next week.  Or maybe The Voice.  You'll know.


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