Wednesday, December 17

Who said this?

Who said this?
The cycle of violence leads to more violence and to nowhere. Peace is the only prospect, and people need to fight for it.
Wait...what??  Leads to nowhere, is the only prospect, and people need to fight for it?

Anyone else find this...muddled, contradictory?  Would any rational person tag the speaker as a solid thinker, a person to be trusted with anything more important than getting coffee?

So who d'ya think said it?
   1. Dwight D. Eisenhower
   2. General George Patton
   3. Abraham Lincoln
   4. Hillary Clinton
   5. William Jefferson Clinton
   6. Democrat senate leader Harry Reid
   7. Democrat and former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
   8. Democrat senator Dianne Feinstein
   9. Democrat senator Barbara Boxer
  10. Emperor Barack Hussein Obama
  11. Democrat Secretary of State John Kerry

You thought I was gonna make it easy!  Looking at the last eight choices, one can easily imagine that statement coming from any of them.  But I'll end the mystery:  It was Kerry, speaking about the attack by Islamic thugs on a school in Peshawar, Pakistan, with the murder of 131 school kids.

"Peace is the only prospect," eh John?  So you'll surely outline a plan for achieving that, that doesn't involve war?  Oh wait, you also said "people need to fight for it."

I'm sure you're crystal clear on what you meant.  Trying to say something that will win the support of voters from both camps, as usual.


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