Saturday, December 20

Sony hack wasn't the first by a foreign power

Turns out the hacker attack on Sony wasn't the first multimillion-dollar hit on an U.S. based company.  Ten days ago Business Week ran a piece on an attack by Iranian hackers on the Sands casino empire last February that compromised terabytes of information and may have cost the company $40 million.

The hack was evidently in response to remarks Sands majority owner Sheldon Adelson made at a Jewish university on a way to resolve the problem of Iran trying to build an atomic bomb.  Several comments by the hackers suggest this was the impetus for the attack.

So an avowed enemy of the U.S.--the nation that overran our embassy and imprisoned 50-some Americans for 444 days--hacks a U.S. company.  There's no way in hell news of this didn't make it to the emperor.

How...interesting.  Team Obama continued to negotiate with the Iranians even after this hack, and has now twice extended the supposed "deadline" for an agreement--a sure sign of overeagerness to reach one.  Wouldn't you think that Iranian hackers attacking a U.S. corporation might have been taken by President Jarrett as some sort of indicator of bad faith?

And wouldn't you think that after having seen this demonstration last February, the emperor would have asked his brilliant staff to devise something pretty strong to retaliate in case there was a repeat?

Well, a rational, pro-American president would have.  The emperor?  Not so much.  His strongest statement after the recent hack on Sony was "I wish [Sony] had talked to me before caving."

But what did he propose?  You'd think with the Sands hack months earlier he would have had something ready.  Oh wait:  Sands owner Adelson is a strong supporter of Israel and Republicans, and donated $100 million of his own money to the GOP.   Maybe that could account for the emperor not being very concerned?


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