Friday, December 19

Obama, June 13th: "The U.S. won't send troops back into combat in Iraq" Yesterday: "Uh, just kidding."

Last June 13th the Huffington Post ran a one-minute clip of the emperor--looking vewy impewial standing in front of his marine helicopter--absolutely assuring his subjects that "The U.S. won't send combat troops back into Iraq." 

The scrupulously non-partisan CNN joined the adoring chant: "Obama says no combat troops to Iraq."

ABC: "Obama rules out sending combat troops back into combat in Iraq." 

The NY Times noted that "he ruled out using ground forces."

Of course we all know by now that the emperor's promises have expiration dates.  In this case the emperor has sent U.S. ground troops back to Iraq. 

That's the same Iraq that he crowed so loudly about removing all our troops from just three years ago.

It's just a hoot how the Democrats and Liberals and Leftists are all breathless with the emperor's glowy promises just six months ago--"Obama promises he won't send ground troops back into combat in Iraq."  And now just six months later--whoops, there we are!

I keep waiting for the HuffPo or anyone on the Left to suddenly wake up and say "Wha...?  I think that man may have broken his promise to us!"  But of course that won't happen.  The guy will continue to say one thing and do the opposite, or do something and deny doing it, and the Democrats will all swoon! over how great the creases in his pants look, or similar nonsense.

It's actually funny.

Would't be if the Resident was a Republican, of course.  But then we didn't expect consistency.

Just out of curiosity:  After Ogabe sent U.S. ground troops back into Iraq, what did he expect they'd do if they were attacked?  Cuz, you know, he sent 'em into a combat zone where shit like that routinely happens. 

I suspect he'd say "Well I ordered 'em NOT to shoot back but they did anyway?  So those who disobeyed orders will be punished."

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