Sunday, October 12

Joy Reid is an idiot. Here's the evidence.

If I understand correctly Joy Reid is a) a far-leftist; and b) dumb as a box of rocks.  As proof, she recently tweeted that
so far, the only "spread of Ebola" in the U.S. was caused by a private hospital in a red state.
Got that?  The spread was caused by a private hospital.  Oh yeah.  Had nothing to do with Obama refusing to ban commercial flights direct from infected countries to the U.S.

Has nothing to do with the fact that even though the so-called experts still aren't totally sure that the virus can't be spread through the air, they've *claimed* that it can't, and assured y'all that it's perfectly safe to be near people who are infected.  But they don't know for sure.

Eh, move on, citizen.  Nothing to see here.  The emperor and his minions have everything under control.  All is going as planned.


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