Thursday, September 25

Was is suddenly okay after all!

Remember how the Left screamed bloody murder when George Bush sought approval from congress to send U.S. forces to Iraq?  Oooh, it was just awful how that Bush fellow was such a warmonger!

Then the country had the good sense to elect the Chicago Jesus--a fellow so awesome that he was nominated for the Nobel peace prize a week before he even took office.

And won it.  For doing...well, for doing nothing other than being...awesome.

But of course that was long long time ago.  When values were, like, totally different.  Back when a president actually had to get permission from congress to go to war.

Such those silly people!  We're so much now!  Well at least the Left is.  Cuz, you know, war is actually pretty okay--as long as it's started by a reeally cool president.  Who is, after all, the only person allowed to decide to go to war.  You know?


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