Thursday, September 25

Bush executive order sealed presidential records--on his first day in office! Wait...

Ever hear of Executive Order 13489?

Yeah, I didn't think so.  Well here's the deal:  Just one day after Bush was sworn into office for his first term, he signed an Executive Order effectively sealing all presidential papers and records if the president didn't want them released.

If you're a liberal that should make your blood boil.  I mean, in a government that's supposed to be "of the people, by the people and for the people," what conceivable legal theory could justify such an order?

You guys oughta be furious that Bush put one over on you like that!  And amazingly, the media didn't scream bloody murder about it.  It's...astonishing.

Oh, wait, did I say "Bush"?  My bad.  That E.O. was signed by Obama.  His first.

Let's go over that again:  On Obama's first full day as president of this woefully brutalized, lawless country, he signed the E.O. sealing all records the president didn't want released.

Now consider what was involved in that order:  The language of this highly unusual order had to be carefully crafted and reviewed at several levels--a process one would expect would typically take two or three months.

This would mean Obama's legal advisors had to have started working on this order about a week after the election.

Now:  I'm not aware that open records have been a vexing problem for most presidents.  It's not like the release of records had been a problem for a decade or so and Obama was responding to requests from previous presidents.  So I leave it to you to deduce the reason for Obama's sealing presidential records on his first full day in office.

Meanwhile, click on the link.  Of course I'll admit it's to a shaky, far-right source--the government's official publishing office.  You won't believe that, of course, so click and see for yourself.


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