Saturday, September 20

The Emperor's plan for ISIS

So, what's the emperor's game plan?  Will he order U.S. troops to Iraq to confront ISIS thugs?

Well, yes, but only a handful.  Couple of hundred, tops.  Just enough so he can solemnly announce to the videocameras of the Adoring Lying Media that he has Given Brilliant, Carefully Thought-Out Orders that will--(ahem) "degrade and ultimately destroy the terrorist group known as ISIL." 

Yeppers, that's exactly what he said in his prime-time speech to the American public on September 10th.

And the fabulous thing is, he's devised a way to do this with no U.S. combat troops at all!

Yes, you read that right--His Excellency is such a brilliant military strategist that he's found a way to do wars without actually, you know, combat troops.  Has something to do with air power and drones and "smart diplomacy" with other nations over there, and it's way too complicated for you to understand so there's no point in trying to explain it to ya.

But trust us, it's Brilliant!

Now, it may well be that with only a couple of hundred lightly armed U.S. troops guarding our embassy or consulates, one or two may be killed...uh, scratch that: hostile action.  Like those guys in Benghazi.

Lost.  Which suggests to 47% of the public they may not really be dead.

Lost.  Much better optics, eh?

So it could be they're dead but maybe not dead-dead.  You know.  Of course you may have a different opinion--in a free country you're entitled to that--but...well, the investigation is still on-going, so we can't rush to judgment about such things.  That would be...raaacist.

You don't want to be raaacist, do you?  I didn't think so.  So sit down, shut up and wait until the full report is released.  And that will happen on November 15th of 2016.

Oh, were we talking about the emperor's strategy for Iraq?  You weren't supposed to remember that.  You must be a raaacist.

Okay, enough satire.  Obama--the Golden Child and community organizer who has always gotten his way by bluff, bluster and playing that mighty race card, isn't about to do a *real* war.  Instead he'll put a couple of hundred "advisors" on the ground in the hope that will placate the two percent of the American public who actually see a threat here.

Wait, this familiar somehow.  Didn't the brilliant liberal John F. Kennedy commit U.S. troops to Vietnam in dribs and drabs?  Didn't LBJ micromanage the target lists and boast to insiders that "They can't even bomb an outhouse without my approval!"

Anyone know how that worked out?  I have this vague recollection that it didn't end well--but then I've consumed at least a metric ton of alcohol since 1973 so....

But that was then, this is now.  Ya gotta have hope, citizen!  I mean, there's that old saying, something like "Those who fail to learn from the lessons of history can create a different result!"  Because history is simply the outcome from poor leadership.  It doesn't mean anything when your emperor is Brilliant. 

And has sharp creases on his pants.  Don't forget the creases.


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