Thursday, October 16

How'd that "#BringBackOurGirls hashtag program work?

Six months ago Muslim terrorists in Nigeria kidnapped more than 200 school girls from their government school.
Team Obama--outspoken supporters of the rights of women and girls against the terrible depredations of Republicans--immediately mobilized...who?  Special Forces?  Air Cav?  Specter gunships?

Oh no.  Because Obama won a Nobel peace prize, know, he doesn't like to use force against bad guys.  Plus, Boko Haram aren't really bad guys.  Just...oh, freedom fighters.  Or something.

So Team Ogabe mobilized a brigade of...writers.  Who came up with...a hashtag: #BringBackOurGirls.  Because Obama is a better foreign policy analyst than his analysts.  So he was sure this would work.

And whaddya know?  Just one month later the Muslim terrorist group released the girls!

Oh, wait, my bad:  They didn't.  One managed to escape but the rest are still missing. 

But by golly we sure won the P.R. war!  Yep, totally cleaned their clocks!

And for progressives, that's the most important thing:  Winning the PR war.

The al-Qaeda affiliate dashed across the border into Cameroon, kidnapping the wife of Vice Prime Minister Amadou Ali. Sahara Reporters revealed this weekend that Boko Haram got four of its commanders released from prison in exchange for her return and the release of other hostages, along with at least $400,000 and a nice cache of arms and ammunition.

But Team Obama's State Department has everything under control.  Our ambassador to Nigeria, James Entwistle, offered this keen insight on the terror group:
“There are still some open questions on who they are, what they want,” he said.

Sorry, what?  You say you don't know "who they are"?  Let me help you: the group recently hailed self-proclaimed caliph Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi and al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.  So, would seem they're an al-Qaeda affiliate.

But Entwistle wasn't finished: 
A year ago I would have said they were religiously motivated. But as they killed more and more Muslims, it’s hard for me to believe that they were motivated by religion.  I don’t think we really understand them.
And there you have the official position of Obama and minions:  'We have no idea who these people are but we're absolutely sure they have nothing whatsoever to do with Islam.'

And by the way, Mr. ambassador:  The girls kidnapped by the Muslim terrorists were overwhelmingly Christian.  The Muslim terrorists have been attacking Christian towns.  So while the terrorists may have killed some Muslims by accident or carelessness, their main targets have been Christians.  But we wouldn't expect you to be candid about that.


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